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Fic: Silent Night

I thought I'd post this here, because it's set in the same universe as my epic X Files fic, 24/7, and Mulder and Skinner make a guest appearance in it :-)

Title: Silent Night
Author: Xanthe
Fandom/s: Multi-fandom crossover fic, featuring many of my favourite fandoms, but primarily set in the Suits fandom, with guest appearances featuring couples from other fandoms under the spoiler cut:
[Spoiler (click to open)]

The X Files, NCIS, Ricochet, Person of Interest, Sherlock, Rizzoli & Isles, Stargate: Atlantis, James Bond (Skyfall)

Pairings: Harvey/Mike, Skinner/Mulder, Gibbs/DiNozzo, Rick/Matt, Finch/Reese, John/Sherlock, Rizzoli/Isles, Sheppard/McKay, Mallory/Bond

Rating: NC-17
Category: Slash
Genre: BDSM, romance, humour, angst, holiday, multi-fandom crossover
Warnings: Loving, consensual BDSM, including spanking, flogging and nipple clamps.
Wordcount: 21,500
Status: Complete

Summary: It’s Christmas Eve, and Harvey has a surprise planned for Mike, with a diverting cast of characters making guest appearances. However, Mike has a secret of his own…


Mike took the man's hand, and then stopped in mid-shake, frowning. "Wait... not the Fox Mulder? The guy who writes about aliens and things that go bump in the night?"

Mulder gave a long-suffering sigh. "Yeah. That's me."

"And you're Walter's submissive? You?" Mike tried to get his head around the idea that this man, standing in front of him dressed in the white cowboy suit, was the investigative author who broke into top secret government facilities to uncover what they were hiding, and who seemed to publish a new book full of conspiracy theories every year.

"No, I'm not Walter's submissive." Mulder shook his head vehemently.

"Oh, I'm sorry. I just thought…"

Mulder grinned. "I'm his slave."

Silent Night - Part One, Part Two, Part Three
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