LID (inlaterdays) wrote in slashingmulder,

X-Files slash holiday zine 2009!


Yes, there's actually going to be one this year, thanks to a few wonderful folks. :D

ursula4x is collecting submissions - send stories and/or art to her by December 24th. (The zine will probably come out sometime between Christmas and New Years.) Contact her at her LJ or at with comments, questions, and submissions.

aqualegia has generously offered to host the zine.

FanfictionAddict has offered to create manips for stories, for anyone who wants them. Contact her at .

There are already several people writing stories, so if you were considering it, go ahead and do it! The more the merrier.

(And thank you to ib_ratstruck, who gave my own M/K muse a nudge in the right direction.)

Happy Holidays to everyone!
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