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Please NOMINATE at Wicked Awards soon

Hi everyone!

Thanks to the mod for authorizing me to post this invitation to all of you.

In the hope to get some x-files loving in this multi-fandom awards community I want to mention that round two of wicked awards is now open.

On round one the crossover category was dominated by x-files nominations, we hope to see some great nominations in all the categories including the new one (the essay/meta), so if you have a minute and a few recommendations, please send me a message or post a screened comment in repy to the post here:

Don't forget to read the Rules in the profile section before you begin nominating. And remember you can self-nominate or nominate as often as you want. You can nominate any graphics and fictions in the Whedonverse, the Dr. Who/Torchwood verse, the Stargate verse, the very well appointed Supernatural verse and of course the X-Files.

So far essay are rare and there is definitively room for more banners and wallpapers nominations. I am archiving the entries as they are accepted and have only seen 4-5 X-Files entries to date. If you are curious about the previous winners, please check earlier post in the community
If you are curious about seeing who accepted their nominations already for round 2 check here:
If you feel like discovering entries from round one, you can do so here: Beware there are lot of mature content but in the fanfics page you can find anything by verse, pairing, rating, etc...

In the hope to get work from any of you or from your friends, Please fill out the following form (it can be reproduce as often as needed) and place it in the comments section or pm me or angelus2hot. All comments are screened.

Your Name:
Your email:
Artist/Author's Name:
Artist/Author's Email:

Welcome to Round 2 of No Rest For The Wicked, a multi-fandom awards community for fanfiction and fanart. We accept all pairings(with the exception of Real People) and ratings for our awards, but be sure to read the category descriptions before nominating. Nomination ends on September 20, 2009.

Art categories

For AtS, BtVS and Firefly
Something to Sing About (Best Icon)
Under Your Spell (Best Banner)
Knocking On Heaven's Door (Best Wallpaper)

For Stargate, Supernatural, Dr.Who, Torchwood and X-Files

Hot Blooded (Best Icon)
Busy Being Fabulous (Best Banner)
Wanted Dead or Alive (Best Wallpaper)
Get You In The Mood (Best Manip for all the fandoms listed)

Fiction Categories (for AtS, BtVS and Firefly)

Heart Of Gold (best drabble 100-600 words)
Guise Will Be Guise (best slash)
I've Got You Under My Skin (best het)
Bring On The Night (best dark)
Once More With Feeling (best nc-17/pwp/kinky)
Bushwacked (best au)
Storyteller (best series)
I Will Remember You (best angst)
I Was Made To Love You (best romance/fluff)
Showtime (best original plot)
That Old Gang Of Mine (best gen)
Not Fade Away (best essay and meta for all the fandoms listed)

Fiction Categories (for Stargate, Supernatural, Dr.Who, Torchwood and X-Files)

Out Of Time (best drabble 100-600 words))
Deep Throat (best slash)
Partners in Crime (best het)
All Hell Breaks Loose (best dark)
Bedtime Stories (best nc-17/pwp/kinky)
Everything Changes (best au)
The Road Not Taken (best series)
Darkness Falls (best angst)
Dream a Little Dream of Me (best romance/fluff)
Window Of Opportunity (best original plot)
Memento Mori (best gen)
The Devil You know (best crossover for all fandoms listed)

Thank you all and good luck.

Spanked by Spike
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